Dani Isenberg

Dani Isenberg

Office Manager

About Dani Isenberg

Joining Davidson Bogel Real Estate in September 2015 as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant, Dani specializes in organizing office operations to ensure efficiency while maximizing profit. Her touch is found in nearly all aspects of Davidson Bogel Real Estate, ensuring the daily operations run smoothly.

Along with operations, Dani is in charge of human resources including hiring, training, employee relations, and performance management functions; as well as being responsible for all budgeting, commissions, expenses, accounts payable & receivable, procurement, deal tracking, compliance, scheduling, travel arrangements, event planning, and many other things.

She has been a part of the growth of this company from the very beginning and is therefore exceptionally informed and invested. In her time away from the office, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and son.

Professional Experience

Dani hails from managing a successful software start up and teaching yoga part time. Prior to that, she was an executive assistant to a notable chef-restaurateur and television personality.